Unlock Transcendent Teams

We advise companies and healthcare organizations on talent discovery and workforce strategies that unite around a shared vision and long-term potential.

When people share a purpose, they achieve the unimaginable

No one succeeds in a vacuum, greatness happens when organizations transcend what’s possible and leaders empower their people to push beyond perceived limitations.

Organizations are built on culture, connection and trust. Successful talent discovery is more than matching resumes to job descriptions.

We deeply understand and share these beliefs. And we’re here to help.

Foresight is our game

We’re not just a search firm; we specialize in talent strategy. Grounded in your cultural identity and organizational challenges, we start sooner, dive deeper, and move faster. Let us help you cultivate your vision to build brilliant teams that achieve the unimaginable.


·       Technology
·       Consumer Products
·       Consumer Services
·       Healthcare


·       Finance & Accounting
·       Operations & HR
·       Sales & Marketing
·       Corporate Development
·       Nursing & Clinical          Operations


·       Talent Acquisition
·       Retention Strategy
·       Process Automation
·       Workforce Management


·       Contingent Search
·       Contained Search
·       Retained Search
·       Project-Based Consulting

Who We Are

Bram Cohen

Bram spent most of the previous decade working in finance and talent strategy for venture-backed technology companies in New York City and Los Angeles. He developed a passion for helping organizations evolve their approach to personnel and discovered his knack for developing teams and cultures.

Scottie Lichtenstein

Scottie’s passion for forging strong connections and helping people realize their professional goals led him to co-found Search Key with longtime friend Bram Cohen. He comes to the new venture after a successful career in Corporate Strategy, Operations and Talent Development for lower to middle-market growth companies and Fortune 500 corporations in London, New York and Atlanta.

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